Andy Martin

Guitars Cadillacs - Burn me down - Easy come, easy go - On second thought - He drinks Tequila - Gonna get a life - Modern day romance - Every second - Kindly keep it country - Even Cowgirls get the blues - Who say's you can 't have it allSince 15 years Andy Martin is on stage with his traditional country style. Although country has changed during these years, Andy kept his stile and that’s exactly what his fans love about him. Andy Martin and his musicians have made themselves a name and led them to hundreds of concerts. For his 15 Year anniversary, Andy brought our a new CD, "Country Jukebox Vol. 1". The Album was recorded in the US as well as some studios in Switzerland. With all of his previous CD, Talkin' Teardrops (2001), Where I'm coming from (1998) und Paint me blue (1997), Andy showed his talent as a musician and producer of country music.Andy Martin is known to many as traditional country musician especially with the following songs, Guitars and Cadillacs, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, Kindly Keep It Country or He Drinks Tequila (duet with Silvia Niedermann). With Country Jukebox Vol. 1, Andy found a wonderful combination of traditional songs. One or another will relive passed memories listening to this new CD. Promotion has started and shows that lots of DJ’s are interested in Andy Martin and his music. Since years Andy is a top ranking artist of the European country music scene. Real Country music is what you get from Andy Martin and with his new CD Country Jukebox Vol. 1 on Country Elite Special he will gain new fans. The European charts show him wright with top positions in ICMAG Top 50. With the song Unfit To Be Tied, on the album “ Where I'm Coming From” which was chosen by the ICMAG as album of the year he made it in to the US radio charts.We are sure that this new album will bring lots of success for Andy and his label Country Elite Special.For more information please see the following websites:


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