CMFS Country Sampler Switzerland

CMFS Country Sampler
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Take it, don’t break it – Marco Gottardi

When she was my baby – P.J. Dell

High steppin’ Daddy – Rhythm’ Train

Johnny can’t dance – Marc & the Boiled Crawfish

Much too young – The Rubbernecks

Absolut en Hit – Howdy

Cakewalk – Sunday Skifflers

Knock, knock – Britta T.

That’s how I got to Memphis – Lone Falcon

Blue sky in Carolina – Andy Martin

Asphalt cowboys – Bruno & Girlie Wicki

Don’t turn the light on – Nonstop R&J

Even cowgirls get the blues – Roland Waespi Band

De Grappa – Tennessee

Truck drivin’ man – Nashville Rebels

Gold ond Glanz – Sioux

Mama don’t allow it – The Sun Skippers

Fire – Kendy Toms & the Red Boots

Good Hearted Woman – Renegadeband


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