The group takes its origin in 1999, with the encounter of the founder members of the band, Mikael H "Mike" (vocal/guitar/lyrics) and David M (guitar), both of them involved in the alternative and underground Swiss music world. The location of their living area, La Chaux-de-Fonds, devastated by the economical crisis has one of the highest rate of unemployment of Switzerland, and provides the ingredients of the suffering and the pains that are in their music and lyrics.

In January 2002, the rhythmic part comes to enrich this embryo, allowing the complete exploitation of the 40 or so songs created by the 2 founders.

In 2003 Alan M (drums) and Sebastien Z (bass) integrated the band and Y825 (why eight to five) was born.

In June 2003, a first demonstration enabled them to carve out a promising place in the new Swiss scene. They made it a point of honour to perform only in the underground places of Switzerland, refusing various contracts, preferring to keep the contact with a growing public, instead of leaving prematurely in studio to record their first LP.

It will be done in 2005, when the band is involved in never-ending studio sessions during several weeks, led to this 1st album already awaited impatiently by the public and the press, after seeing the various live performances of the band.

Collaborators such as George Marino (Coldplay, The Hives, Velvet Revolver) of the studio Sterling Sound (NY, the USA) took part in the project, in particular on the mixing and the mastering of the LP.

The official release of the album (US and EU) is planned for 2006.

The mixture of the 70’s sonority and grunge, the voice of Mike and the clean melodies are used as decoration to the lyrics, describing the fragility and brutality of the current human condition...

2008 Neuchâtel

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